So I have something to share with you.

Something I have just begun to realise myself over the last few years, but that which has become stronger since I fostered 2 cats and began working with animals more closely again.

And when you think about it, it’s really quite obvious.

And the awareness of this is definitely building in today’s expanding-in-consciousness society.

So what is it you ask?

Our animals are here to teach us. They are our messengers. In so many ways, one of which I shall share today.

Dogs, cats and horses especially, as they are the closest to us in the domestic world.

So let’s give you a personal example, let’s take my beautiful cats, their picture above.

These beauties are not very fond of cuddles or laps.  Both will tend to leap out of my arms if I have even the slightest audacity to try and pick them up and cuddle them. But, they will sit next to me on the sofa, curl up behind my legs at night, and lay on the floor quite happily having tummy rubs, head rubs, playing and purring away. They are happy, but they don’t want all that close-up attention. Compare this to my previous cat Phoebe who would curl on my lap, under my chin, on my pillow and you can see how easy it would be for frustration to pop in and say hi.

But, they have been teaching me to learn to accept them just as they are, in that given moment, the same as we must learn to accept ourselves too – all of who we are, not just the parts we like.  I take time to understand them, think what it would be like to be them in my world. I build that heart-to-heart connection with them, and in time they may or may not decide they wish to sit on my lap. But it is about me managing my expectations of them, not trying to get them to change. Because we are all unique, each and every one of us.

So, ask yourself this question: “What is it that animal/person/situation providing me that I am not providing for myself?” because we have all the resources we need within us. Even love, yes love. They love me in the way they want to right now. But if I am seeking love outside of myself, then I am not meeting my own need for it from within. Yet we all have the ability to self-love. It may not have been modelled well to us, so that loving part of us might not know how to and needs knowledge, or it might have been taught to show love more to others, but I can assure you that part is there. Waiting to be acknowledged and tapped into and it can adapt its role in your life, believe me, I know!