You may recall this kitty who I worked with on Monday.

Another behaviour she does is scratch carpets.

She does this in certain areas/rooms, and also it has got progressively worse since the building works started.

I asked her how she was feeling when she does this: annoyed, frustrated, i don’t like change, my routine has been abandoned.

This was her way of expressing her emotions, keeping her energy moving which ultimately helps her feel safe. Plus the scenting/marking side to this behaviour as well.

I asked if they had scratching posts. There is 1 which the other kitty uses.

I alerted her owner to the fact that some cats are horizontal scratchers rather than vertical, as I felt that this is why she is only using the carpets.

So, the owner is off out to get some horizontal scratchers, doesn’t have to be fancy, which will be placed in 2 places where she scratches. Not only that, but to help kitty understand what they are for and that she can use them, they will play with toys over them (as some cats need to feel their claws in the cardboard and how nice that feels plus they have scent glands in their paws); use a tea towel to get scent from under her chin to rub onto the scratcher, and of course obligatory catnip too.

When she shows interest, or uses it accordingly, the owners are to praise her, because that way she learns this behaviour is ok. She will sense the feeling behind the words. Her need to express is being met, healthily.

When you just want a pet to ‘stop’ a behaviour, it’s like asking someone with anxiety to just ‘stop’ being anxious. Delve deeper into the why – meet that need.