This can be such an easy thing to do, and doesn’t have to be costly. All you will need is:

equipment to create a cat enrichment feeder

  • a cardboard box, cut down to size (the depth of the tubes you are going to use)
  • toilet roll tubes
  • non-toxic PVA glue
  • pen


1.Place one of the toilet roll tubes in the box horizontally and mark on the box where it finishes. Cut the box down to this size for the depth of the feeder. Make sure there are no staples showing or anything your cat could snag themselves on. Make sure the box has not had anything harmful to cats in it previously.

2.Next place a toilet roll tube in the box, draw round the bottom of it with your pen to mark where the glue needs to go. Remove the tube and trace your glue around that line and where you may not have been able to mark that the tube would sit. Place the toilet roll tube back in place.

3. Take another toilet roll tube, and place it next to the last one, repeat the pen marks, glue and tube placing. I use glue on the side of the previous tube and wall of the box as well, to hold more in place.

How to create a cat enrichment feeder

4. Keep building the rows until you have a completely full box.

5. Allow to dry for several days so it is safe for your cat to use.

6. You can place this on the floor (horizontally or vertically) or even attach velcro strips to a wall and the box, and place it at a height suitable for your cat.

7. Another version below: use a piece of cardboard from a flat calendar, cut toilet roll tubes in half (lengthways and height) and glue in a similar method to the flat cardboard.

Flat Cat Enrichment Feeder

8. Place kibble in the feeder slots and vary where you put the kibble, so it peaks their interest each time.

Sniffing and smelling helps pets to release emotions, so it can help them to  feel calmer, safer and less reactive. Especially good for indoor-only pets who need more stimulation and activities to stop them from exhibiting less wanted behaviours.