My client Sarah came to me recently as she was being triggered with strong emotions by a very set-in belief ‘I mustn’t be late’, and was very time conscious.

“I Mustn’t Be Late”

I used parts therapy with her, as she could feel into the feelings and sensations that came with that belief when it was triggered.

She described the feelings/energy when triggered as:

Choking (big clue for me)
Late for something, don’t know what

Like going down a canal (big clue also)

I had a strong feeling of where we were going with this, but asked Sarah if there was anything else the energy wanted to tell her at that time. She announced:

“A feeling of being sucked out/pulled through via the top of the head”

Healing From The Trauma of Birth

I guided Sarah to release the energy with some techniques I use, after which she said to me she felt free; a glow; space; no pressure. When looking into a future event, her thoughts and feelings had indeed changed for the better.

Sarah also said: “I know where this came from now. I was late being born and there was a tussle between my soul and physical body – my soul was not in my body, so my birth into this physical world was delayed until it was! I was also born with the chord round my neck!”

This was such an insight and great self-awareness for her, and a memory being released from our subconscious (s/c) into our conscious to be healed is one prime directive the s/c is good at.

It knows when a memory is ready to be healed and dealt with, and also the reverse – it will repress an experience + associated emotions where we are not ready to deal with it or can’t.

When we set the intention to work on something specific affecting us, we have already set that process in motion.

Intention is very powerful.

Our Time of Birth – A Common Problem

This is also quite common re how we are born having an impact on us.

Also what words and energy we felt from those around us towards us as baby, so Mum and anyone else around her re the context and timing of our birth.

Even such worrying events as the cord being wrapped around the baby’s neck can play out further in your life. For example: feeling smothered; not wanting clothing around your neck; panic when your neck/throat hits an expanse of water.

So if you have something like this going on for yourself, it too may relate to birth or another context, feel free to pm me if you want to work on it.

And here is Sarah’s testimonial (name changed for confidentiality):

Victoria is a professional caring therapist that gently encourages you to explore.

My recent appointment for Parts Work was a revelation.  Guided by Victoria every step of the way I unravelled the emotions around “Being late”, which is a real problem for me.

After discovering the root cause I felt enlightened, freed from the anxiety the issue caused me. An amazing experience,  it released me.

Would recommend Victoria for this work 100%

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