So some of you may or may not know what I do or tend to speak about:

I’m a People and Pet Therapist and one of the topics I talk about is Parts. Now what do I mean by that?
Well, we are a sum of all our parts, and there will be some parts of us we dislike, disown, reject, suppress, submit to, love, hate, blank, some that dominate and some that are underused, and much more.
With this topic, you will learn about:
–  what parts are
–  the 7 major players and their role
– how parts of us run our life and our energy, why they do, and what can be done to assist in shifts that you want in your life.
– the language that identifies when parts are involved
– how our triggers connect with our parts and 2 specific tools you can use to move forwards
– and finally, how our pets can help us identify our wounds within too, so we can begin to heal!

Those that would benefit from listening to this are those who:

– suffer with low self-esteem
– lack in confidence
– don’t love themselves, trust themselves, believe in themselves
– accept abuse
– consider themselves highly sensitive people and empaths
– lack assertiveness or have been told they are aggressive
– people please
– avoid conflict
– judge a lot
– procrastinate
– rescue others
– put others needs before their own
– living with/have lived with/been brought up by a narcissist
– have pets with behavioural issues or emotional issues
I am passionate about this topic because it can be so powerful, effective and often life-changing – 3 words used by a client only yesterday!

How Can Parts Therapy Help YOU?

Parts work can allow you to regain energy, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, dig deep to release habits.
You can begin to trust yourself again, or release your anger, you can help resolve your pets’ issues, especially dogs
And as the umbrella to all of this: it can help you return to a place of unconditional love for yourself.
And that is awesome my friends.

My Own Healing Journey Using Parts Therapy

I was bullied when I was young, and because there was several things I didn’t like about myself, or had been shamed for by those around me, people could always use it against me.
I was constantly looking for outside approval and we all know doing that is a disaster waiting to happen, as that rug can always be whipped away from you any time, whereas when you love yourself from within, it can’t, no matter what happens externally.
I also know that whilst there were things that I didn’t like about myself, or had been bullied for, that when you love yourself unconditionally, they can no longer have that power and use it against you…because you love those parts of you.
Your Inner Child will thank you, and feel more loved and accepted.
That person’s power or hold over you to put up with things, or excuse or enable their behaviour, or take responsibility for them, etc. goes out the window.
I do parts work on myself whenever I feel the need to look into a wound within. And I can say I have learnt much about myself, others around me, patterns of thought and behaviour I have modelled from parents, or where I wasn’t loving myself unconditionally.
Investing in myself in this way has increased my own confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, boundaries, and more, as well as really seeing the energetic link and relationship between our pets and ourselves too.

Parts Therapy with Pets And Their Owners

I know by doing this work, by talking about parts, we can help not only ourselves, but also help our pets, help others around us by often switching from being student to teacher.
Making a difference in people’s and pet lives, is why I get out of bed in the morning and love the work that I do, because when I was young, and bullied, and told I was ‘too sensitive’, and had to deal with narcissistic behaviour around me, animals were my go-to, to experience unconditional love and acceptance.
The majority of my childhood photos feature either real live animals, or the soft toy variety. They were my comfort blanket, and I felt safe. I felt loved for who I was.

Victoria as a child with soft toy animals. Pets and unconditional love.

Photo (bottom): soft toys (obvious)
Photo (main): me hand rearing wild kittens – music teacher’s house, ~Age 7