So, last weekend I was invited to GoodWoof as their Pet Psychic.

As Puss doesn’t fare well when I am not home – she often doesn’t eat when I’m out – I decided to get an Air BnB that takes pets so she could come with me.

It felt like we were going away for a week with the amount of packing I had to do, but I decided that in order to help her feel safer, I wuld take certain things with me.

Feeling safe is paramount!

This jumper (see main photo) is one she has snuggled up on the last few weeks and so that had to come as it had her/mine and our home’s scent on it.

As she is a cat and they naturally re-scent (mark) spaces through scratching I brought my orange throw with me too, to safeguard their furniture and because again this throw smells of our home, and both of us.

Her claws were also clipped so she didn’t rip anything if she did manage to get round my plan!

I told her what was going to happen and also sprayed her carrier with Pet Remedy, a product containing essential oils that help calm any pet.

When we got there, I made sure her food and water were in a space where she could see the back door as for safety she doesn’t want her back to any threat. It’s nothing unusual, often Feng Shui tells us to have our bed facing the door so we can see anyone entering.

I took her favourite toys with her as play can help distract and relax them more. I also took her snail that had Silvervine in it, which she adores more than catnip, as I knew, once again, scent, would help her relax.

Puss on our bed, with our Silvervine-filled snail refillable toy.

As the house had laminate flooring, this can be unnerving for pets – a bit like a skating rink that can cause them to tense up – so I moved the rug from the kitchen into the living room to help avert her slipping and doing herself an injury.

As Pet Remedy sprays are water based, so will not stain, I also sprayed the carpets with these to again help her calm.

Her cat loo was also placed away from the door and windows where she would be able to see people milling or would be seen by her as unsafe, so it was encased neatly in the bathroom upstairs, where the back faced the wall (no-one can come from behind) and she would face the door.

I also told her that at any point if she felt unsure to go to the bedroom and hide in the bed.

I continued our routines and made sure that breakfast was served as normal, same foods, same way, in her own bowls. Again familiarity is important and also the material their bowl is made from can affect some pets too. I would never use another pet’s bowl for cross-contamination purposes and the fact that despite being washed, I am sure she would be able to pick up the pet’s scent who had used it last.

I also took with me my Homeopet remedies for her and also KalmAid too which I could administer if needed.

All of these meant that I had everything on hand to help keep her safe and calm.

I gave her Rahanni Celestial Healing to at nighttime to help her relax into a deep sleep too.

We sang to her at feeding time to start her off, same as I do here (yes, ‘MUG’ is written somewhere on my forehead in invisible ink, ha) and gently held her where she likes to be held to start her eating.

When I went out I showed her me coming home, in daylight to feed her and be with her, and I checked in with her at lunchtimes, and also just as I was about to leave too.

I announced my presence when I opened the door so she knew it was me rather than someone else, as she seemed to know this wasn’t our place and our host had keys.

I also praised her throughout telling her how amazing she was doing, and how proud I was of her too, as using kind words and encouragement with them is so important.

This is a completely new space, different furniture, layouts, sounds, sights, smells, scents of pets before her (and yes it was super clean) but carpets will always hold a pet’s scent. Different noises from outside than what we have here, different cars close by to here, the list goes on.

She had stairs, which she doesn’t at home. She quite liked them actually, but again it is still a change for them to get used to.

But she did gradually settle, and snuggled with me on the bed and settee. And I have asked her about her experience as well to see how I can help her further if we do something like that again.

Puss close up sleeping peacefully on a grey fleece draped over an armchair

That’s why I love animal communication and doing the work that I do. It all helps me with my own pets and their experience of life.

She is pleased to be home, and went to bed early when we got back. Me too, as there is nothing like your own bed, no matter how nice your vacation home is.

So think about how you can make them feel safer if you take them somewhere on holiday.

Think of their sensitivities, keep routines the same as much as you can if you know they don’t like change or are sensitive to change.

Play – to help them relax.

Scent – take familiar items with you for them to snuggle into and rest.

Scan the environment too, is there anything that could be a hazard or unsafe for them?

With Puss, they had a ceramic hob. Within the hour of being there that was turned off at the fuse to avoid her jumping up and turning on the cooker when I was out. To be fair, she doesn’t do worktops, but it would be sod’s law that the time you go against your better judgement, she would decide to see what’s up there.

If she heard noises that she was unsure of, rather than be all hyped saying ‘it’s alright, it’s ok’ in a stressy voice that as pet owners we can sometimes do when seeing them react, I just calmly said to her ‘Mummy heard it too. Puss is safe. It’s all ok’ and followed with a slow friendly blink. I also made sure not to ‘react’ myself or get up at the same time, as she would have associated that with ‘something’s wrong. Mummy is going to investigate’.

I also took my tuning forks with me and used them with her too to relax and calm, something familiar again that i would do at home.

I also made sure for the journey home, the air con was on in the car, as wound down windows she does not like the noise, nor the traffic either side – and vocally she lets me know for sure – so keeping the car cool was important whilst meeting that need.

Also at this time of year, she definitely cannot be left in the car for any length of time due to heat, so we did not stop, and if I had of stopped either way, it would have been either a layby, or she would have come with me into the services for me to just use the facilities. Never leave your pet unattended in a car is my personal view, and certainly NEVER on a hot day.

I hope you can take some bites of infomation from what I have shared to make your own cat or pet more comfortable if you take them away. Think of all the sensory changes that will occur and how you can help them adapt calmly whilst also keeping things as much the same routine as you can.

Think safe, safe, safe. Their resources in quiet spaces, away from thoroughfares and so they can see any doors where people may enter.

Happy Holidaying!