Today I got to do my 2nd sound healing session with a kitty who is troubled by the newcomer (not so new now, but was still not standing up for herself).

I hear today that they are both sleeping nearer to each other than before (photo proof).

When he does something that she doesn’t like, she is standing her ground and he then stops his behaviour.

So she is learning that when she does x, the behaviour she finds unacceptable stops. (bit like bullies, when they’re stood up to, they often go elsewhere as they no longer hold power over you – they themselves feel powerless which is often why they bully – to regain a sense of power).

She has slept right through her 2nd session, and the other cat has slept very close to her!

The Red Dish

She has shared with me an image of a red dish that was very important to her, and the owners have confirmed this was packed away due to building works….so they are off to find that again for her.

She also shared that her routine has been abandoned and again the owner confirmed that due to building work, it has, due to where they are working in the house.

How Can I Help My Cat Feel Happier?

So having compassion for our pets at these times is so important.

Understanding how we can help them feel safer, and as least disrupted as possible, is important.

Understanding also that there will always be a ‘why’ to their behaviour too.

Most often them not feeling safe physically, emotionally, energetically.

With building works, the whole environment is disrupted.

Furniture and belongings are often moved, packed, or stacked.

There is all the noise, the smells, the dust, the movements and builders working with materials, the emotions and vocals of all the builders to consider too.

So many sensory changes in one hit!!

It will be overwhelming. Frustrating. Annoying. Stressful, for you and your pets.

Why The Red Dish?

So their owner is now off to find the red bowl for starters. Why?

Well, the colour red relates to their root chakra, which is all about safety and survival. When their chakras are out of alignment, the colour which has a frequency and vibration itself, may be something they seek out if it’s possible to help rebalance that chakra, so I am not surprised that this came in, as the pendulum did say her root chakra was not balanced before I started today.

Another part of this story is around scratching but I will share that another day!