“What you offer is a unique holistic approach. You don’t just heal our pets you help us to look at ourselves and heal ourselves at the same time x”
I love this compliment made by one of my clients, because it is very true. I may not need to directly do therapy with you as an owner, quite often though I do.
Owning a pet is like having a child, and many issues can be raised being a pet parent, stemming very often from your own childhood.
Sometimes, pets are the mirror of what is unconsciously needing healing within us.
Sometimes they are a messenger, in that their behaviour or issue, sparks fears for instance, of judgement, of what will others think.
Or an owner feels guilty, and often shame, like they are a bad pet parent, like they have failed them. That it’s their fault.
All of the “stuff” coming up, are like juicy ripe apples ready for picking. Those nuggets of trauma are coming up to be healed.
If you allow it.
If you feel it.
If you honour it.
If you work with it.
If you send it love.
If you realise it’s no longer serving you. It served you as a child, helped you to cope, survive, protected you….but as an adult, it is now hindering you, holding you back, negatively affecting you.
As I always say, awareness is empowerment. When I’m aware I am empowered to create change and transformation.