The reason why, or at least one of the reasons why, I am a People AND Pet Therapist, is because pets and their owners can affect each other and/or go through the same experiences in life and need a little help healing from the way it has triggered or affected them.
So, a good way of addressing our pets mirroring us, or simultaneously being affected by life experiences, is to work with both parties at the same time. Both sets of chakras will then be aligned and both parties will be feeling the positive effects of using sound for healing, helping them release their energy imbalances.

Meet Rosie and Mum

Here is a lovely tuning fork session I did at the weekend, where I knew that by working with the forks predominantly with Mum, beautiful bubby Rosie would also receive the frequencies too and it would affect her energy positively as well. Even if she hadn’t have settled next to Mum, she would still have received them in the room.
I chose frequencies that matched how this lady was feeling, and knew that working with the weighted OM on her and Rosie would definitely help tension in the body and calm the mind. Rosie was shaking on and off when I arrived that day.
I then worked with Mum with other Solfeggio frequencies that helped with what was shared, and only used those a couple of times working in Rosie’s aura too.

The Results

At the end of the session, you could see the relaxation in both Mum and Rosie. Mum had a glow to her cheeks, her face relaxed, yawning, shoulders looser and freed of tension, and mind much calmer. She described it as ‘powerful healing’.
Rosie was also much more relaxed. She had sighed and stretched during the session and her eyes were slightly glazed now. Her body posture and movements were also very relaxed and we could both feel she was feeling calmer. She was looking very sleepy, and could hardly be bothered to move.
During the session, noises that Rosie would normally react to, she did nothing. Just laid there snuggled next to Mum. She did tell me that circling the forks concerned her for the areas close by her, so I respected that and just held the fork at certain chakras, but she was competely happy me taking the forks around this lady’s aura and her own too and when I used a fork to release one particular emotion, she had a massive sigh (release)!
2 very happy clients, feeling more aligned, peaceful and relaxed!
So would you like to heal together? Go to the Contact Me section on here, and let’s set up a session!
Jack Russell laying snuggled into mummy' thigh during her sound healing session Rosie the Jack Russell Terrier snuggled between the settee and her Mum during a sound healing session.