As i was driving Saturday to say my goodbyes, I got held up in traffic at Bluewater.

And it brought it all home.

All these people queueing for stuff.

Stuff that we don’t really need or want.

But it is not ‘stuff’ that makes our lives.

It’s the love and relationships in it.

It brought home the polarities of the materialism that exists so much at this time of year, when the only thing that matters is love.

None of that stuff matters. If we lose it, we lose it.

When you lose someone you love, that’s what matters.

Most of us, including me, have stuff cluttering our house.

Do you think any of that was useful on Saturday?

Nope. None. F*ck all.

Only my heart mattered on Saturday to give love to her dad, her sister and to the beautiful cat herself. And then to myself too, because I was grieving too.

Think about what you actually ‘need’ this Christmas time, rather than buying lots of overpriced superficial crap that just clutters our lives up, and often is there to stop us really feeling into ourselves and our hearts.