So for the last 6 weeks, I have known that my beautiful foster kitties are going back to their Mum, because she misses them and has decided to take them with her when she goes to live abroad.

Now who wouldn’t miss these bubbas, they are lovely amazing boys! So, I can understand why Mum wants to have them with her. Yet, understandably I was quite upset too because I love them with all my heart.

You see, what happens, whether you are losing a pet (or human) to ill-health, age, when you have a period of time before they ‘leave’, you go into what is referred to as anticipatory grieving.

You start grieving their loss already.

It is something I did with my old cat Phoebe as I had a week to say my goodbyes to her before she was to be PTS (put to sleep).

And you go through lots of different emotions during this time, the same as when they do actually pass over the Rainbow Bridge.  This is called a grief cycle or a grief wheel.

I have felt several emotions, some more intensely than others, and had a very supportive band of people, including mediumistic friends, helping me through.

Now the way I have dealt with this, is knowing they came to me for a reason (remember, reason, season, lifetime).

Being mainly indoor cats, unfussed with the outside world, they are now cats that love being outdoors. They will be going back to somewhere that is in the country, and are now going to get a cat flap, so they can have free access to outdoors for most of the time. They’re gonna love it back there! And I am really pleased for them <3

They have taught me a lot, which I will share in other blogs, and they now love Valerian as well as catnip, and Boycie cries in the morning to be zoom-groomed!