I walk my talk.
Naturally one of the items I took with me on my GoodWoof adventure was my basic set of tuning forks.
Helpful to space clear the bell tent; relax me, and raise my vibration; work with people and pets where appropriate, and another use….for me at the end of a long hard day.
Saturday my feet were aching with the amount of walking bestowed upon me, so when I came home, I got out the weighted OM and stemmed all over my feet and ankles.

Our feet have so many reflexology points I knew it would not just help my feet, but everywhere that was aching as it touched all their reflex points. Weighted OM is great for physical pain.

I then used my OM fork to go along and around my body sweeping it through my aura and chakras and allowing it to do the same as above.
I slept much better on the Saturday night by doing this.
I walk my talk.
(No pun intended. Although I was standing for a lot of my animal communication talks )