At Goodwoof, one of the last group sessions I wanted to do each day, was Pets in Spirit.

The Pets in Spirit group session was there to gather people who would like a mini communication from their pet in Spirit.
Timed this way, so that if people felt a little wobbly or raw, or had ‘Alice Cooper’ eyes, they would be very close to the end of their day and could leave the venue or take some time out in nature to process what they had just received.
For me, these were the most rewarding group sessions as it was lovely to bring through people’s pets for them and also talk through the differences in their communications too.
The speed of their speech differed, and their personality shone through in the way they said what they said e.g. cheeky, the boss, etc.
Picture of a cream bell tent with ornate wooden chairs and tables inside with my banner in the middle of the tent. Hessian flooring. The scene of my pets in spirit sessions at goodwoof.

Becoming Sherlock Holmes!

We shared how sometimes we have to be a little detective to make sense of what we have been given e.g. ‘Number 3’ turned out to be ‘I am the 3rd dog’ as a feeling/knowing which the owners could take.

One pet shared that they were now with a family member, who also then drew close, so the participants then got evidence of lfie after death for 2 loved ones!

Time for Emotional Release

We also helped a few owners with emotional release through tapping so they went away feeling much lighter than when they came in.
Grief is raw, harsh, intense, painful, heart breaking, tear jerking, and breath taking. This healing work can be a powerful aid to help people move through their grief more easily and release what is ready to be released.

Are you still struggling with the loss of your pet?


If you are experiencing pet bereavement, you may find my leaflet useful to download. It contains information that can help you understand more what is happening for you.
Although created mainly for pandemic times, there are points nearer the end of the document that are still very relevant to your pain, so feel free to visit this link to receive this free of charge:
And if you would like me to communicate with your pet in Spirit, then pop me an email and I’d be happy to organise that with you. They help people so much.