Do you recall the doggie that was barking excessively?

Well, here is the latest from their owner, after I did a combined session of animal communication with energy work to release fears, limiting beliefs and allow their doggie to feel calmer.

As you can see there were so many layers to this session, and I will share i shed a few tears when i got this email, because it means a lot that we are seeing these changes for the dog, the owners, and the relationships intertwined.

Medications 100% do have their place, but sometimes it is about going deeper and asking what is the dog trying to show them/us.

This is where I differ from a behaviourist (which I am not).

I am a People and Pet Therapist – I look at what may be the pet’s own stuff, and also what are they trying to show their owners (the mirror). Where is the excess energy coming from?

From Pillar to Post to Healing

This doggie had been passed pillar to post so many times without people trying to understand her, until she came to this lovely family, who are willing and want to, and ARE, doing all they can to understand her and help her.

Isn’t she lucky??

She had a massive fear of betrayal, and I am not surprised given her background. I have been betrayed plenty of times, and like working with humans, sometimes that ‘part’ of us that has been and fears it again, needs to be felt and heard. And that is what I do.

I listen to them by communicating with them, I begin to understand deeper. I ask them if they would like to release any fears, limiting beliefs and so on which we have uncovered in the chat, so they are in control and feel respected with their own healing journey.

They are part of this process all the way, the same as the owners. Its teamwork, you, me and your pet.

I wish what I did was often easier to put into words, but it often isn’t. There are so many layers and impacts to this work. So, sometimes sharing the results/progress is the best way! Client permission has been granted!

So I congratulate this doggie, and her lovely guardians who are all working together and seeing the results. More sessions to go, but some amazing differences so far!

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