You may remember Dave?

He was the kitty I talked about who was quite aloof, not settling in, chasing the other family cat, didn’t want to be touched, keeping himself to himself, snatching food off of plates. With very stiff back legs and therefore not a normal gait for a cat, very vocal, always wanting food.

Today, before our 5th session, so after 4 sessions of tuning forks (distantly I may add), with improvements each week in his behaviour, his bond with the family members (all of them), and also in his own physicality….I received this as part of my update that I ask for:

“Dave is like a different cat though. He has become a family pet rather than a cat that lives in our house.”

That statement meant so much to me to see, because I always want the best for the pets I work with and for their life to be as fulfilling and enriched as they wish to have.

Dave’s Progress So Far…

He interacts with all of the family members.
He has become much more present in family times
He is choosing to settle on people’s laps too.
He is more gentle, and more relaxed as a whole.
Whereas before, he used to only doze, never sleep…now he sleeeeps, deeply.
He is a cat ‘we all love having in the house’
He is calmer vocally as well as in himself.
He is happier in himself.
His gait is much more like a normal cat, fluid, flowing, as the frequencies have helped to work with that issue with his hind legs, and the chakras also showed that imbalance at the start, but do not now.
No longer demanding food or snatching off of plates.

Working with Dave Holistically

He has had checks at his vet to make sure nothing medical going on ref him snatching and asking for more food. He was already no longer snatching food, and was no longer demanding for it, but was still looking longingly at their plates. In turn, his rations have been increased slightly with the vet’s guidance, which is helping.

The clients are so very happy with his transformation, that he feels setlled at home and wants to be part of a family.

THIS is why I do what I do. I love helping pets and their owners live their lives in better harmony, with a deeper connection, understanding and compassion for each other.

Time To Praise

I am so proud of this beautiful boy, and the changes he has made, and I tell him every session I have with him. Yes that’s right, i talk to his photo and I know he receives that message. <3