We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘you need to feel to heal’ and that is very true.

But we also need to eat, sleep and exercise well too to help ourselves heal.

On my Fibromyalgia/childhood trauma journey to healing, the one area of life I had not really tackled was my diet. I had introduced many superfoods and learnt a lot about healthier foods and was consuming a healthier diet and living a healthier lifestyle.

I knew I was sensitive to caffeine, sugar and white refined foods to name a few, and that I could not tolerate fatty foods easily any more.

So, I took the plunge and began to focus on my nutrition

Following on from my consultation with a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, and on just my 3rd day of a new lifestyle plan of removing intolerances from my diet (I watched a seminar last night that also said gluten and cow’s dairy are the biggest problems in anyone’s diet) I have already seen changes in:

  • My skin – more hydrated and smoother (from more water presumably)
  • More energy: not craving sweet stuff as much, if at all
  • No stiffness or aches/pains when getting out of bed in the morning
  • I have lost ‘size’ due to less body reactivity/bloating
  • Areas that would be tender if pressed are not
  • My emotions have changed for the positive as well ( I have been feeling angry of late, but just put it down to the current world situation, but anger can often be related to the liver metaphysically).
  • And there’s more.

Downside: headaches from caffeine withdrawal….and I was on decaff!!! So there wasn’t much withdrawing to do!

Having a green tea is easing that off, so we’ll just work with that as time goes on.

Just goes to show you!

80% of our Psychological Wellbeing is from the Gut

Remember that. And I have learnt that so many different organs help other organs do their job, so if one isn’t right it has this rollerball effect. Lacking in vitamins or minerals will also have a profound effect on their jobs naturally, and the deficiency will affect you in other ways too.


I already knew that dehydration can create anxiety and learnt this week that it also contributes to blood sugar imbalance too, so just a simple thing like water can help us so much, by drinking enough of the filtered variety.

The Future

In just 3 days I feel healthier, and will keep going, but having the detailed knowledge of why I don’t want to eat certain foods and how they damage the body has been life-changing for me. We all know sugar is bad, caffeine is not great either, but knowing the full reasons as to WHY is what has stuck with me and allowed me to refuse choccie biscuits out in front of me.

Still a lot to learn and juggle around planning, and substituting, but it will come. I have asked for help from Spirit with the knowledge and so it shall be. So if this is the inspiration you needed, then I hope it helps, for anyone who is currently, in some way, struggling having done mindset work, healing work, energy work. They are all super, super important, absolutely, but we also have to attend to the gut too (80% of our psychological wellbeing).

If you have been through prolonged periods of stress, have a chronic illness (e.g. Fibromyalgia), have gone through childhood trauma, or any trauma, if you haven’t considered checking out how your gut and organs are working, and your mineral and vitamin levels, then please do. Elaine Stavert is the lady I would recommend chatting with first and foremost.