Today I had the privilege to be part of working with a pet that is coming near to the end of their life. Myself and the family sat round as their pet discussed their last wishes, their needs, how the family would know when it was the right time to make a decision, and what they did and didn’t want.

It was so beautiful that a family were willing to listen to their pet open-heartedly and take on board their wishes and needs. Listening to their every word. Discussing issues and options. Asking questions to get clarity. It felt, I dare say, sacred to be part of that to relay that information.

The family even remarked after how incredible it was how the pet’s personality came through in the conversation, and I love it too. When I do not know the pet, it’s heartwarming to see the effect that can have on us humans, as well as the information.

Allowing that pet to ask questions, to know all about what medical plan was advised and to be able to discuss how they felt about that.

They are sentient beings.

They deserve our respect, our ears to truly listen, and our hearts to honour their wishes and needs, to put them first, as best as is possible.

I came away from there feeling like I had been part of a sacred ceremony, even though nothing like that took place. It was animal communication but at a deeper level. A very deeply respectful level where everyone was on the same page, the pet’s health and wellbeing being the most important thing in the room.

The pet even physically was in the centre of us all, very fitting for the session in hand.

Yes, it can be emotional, and I will never apologise for any tears I shed, as it shows I care.

I did the same when i worked in vet referrals, and I always said to the staff, if you cannot deal with me crying with the clients and their pets, then don’t roster me on to deal with clients bringing their pets to be put to sleep, as I will not apologise for who i am, and how I show my feelings. It shows I care, and I’d rather shed a few tears than sit there all matter of fact with forms and a card machine, with a client thinking this was just a process to me.

It isn’t/wasn’t.

This was someone’s furbaby in the room, living and breathing, and that breath of life would soon be released as they head for their final sleep. I’m empathic, I feel and I was never not able to do my job, I just did it with a few tears of love running down my face.