Today i got up getting ready to see a beautiful venue.

My phone decided to optimise apps 277 of 277.

77 is the number the angels send me to say that I am on the right path.

How do I know that?

Because I remember back in time they sent me 77CF as a private registration for someone’s car that I spotted in front of mine, and I had just accepted my place at a Canine Flow training!

I have learnt from them, what with Joanna from and other sources, about the number 77.

Now they know that I have that association with it…of being on the right path, they use it to send me signs.

Today being one of those days!

Not only that, but when we were there, surveying the beautiful garden and lake that was glistening in front of me, teeming with fish and pond wildlife, a red dragon fly (never seen one before, only blue!) came and settled on the pond edge.

It went away when I tried to take a photo sadly…twice at separate times and twice when I’d said it would even though I wasn’t close to it….obviously it was not wanting publicity today! 😉

Shortly after that a red admiral landed on my grey coat. Now I’m used to them landing on me when I am wearing bright colours as I can only assume it reminds them of bright flowers and nectar, but this was light grey.

I looked up both insects for their spiritual meaning, and both were about transformation, facing challenges head on, and accepting new change and transformation. So very apt, as I expand my business and solidify my way in the world.

Who I am.

What I do.

Who I work with and want to work with.

My purpose.

My mission.

You can imagine those experiences, after already having met a great bunch of like-minded people – aaaand enjoying a very energising yet soothing class of Energy Medicine Yoga by Roots and Boots ( – was just a lovely morning all round.

This was the view I was enjoying when the dragonfly and butterfly chose to connect with me. Isn’t it just heavenly???

Definitely a space I will be using in the future for some workshops and training!

And I am booked to do all their 2024 Psychic Fayres as well!