For a lot of the population this week is about gently eases ourselves into January.
I am not excluded from that, but have been head down in the business planning and reflecting and researching.
I want to offer more this year for you all, and really getting deep into the subjects I love and that I know affect people every day with their pets.

Time to Write

I have spent my shortened week beginning to plan my 1st book, gathering all the information that I want to include to help people with this particular topic. It is a widespread topic that affects every pet owner I know, in similar ways, but to varying degrees, and if I can help make that time easier, then I will.

Time to Serve

I am also busy planning my workshops for 2024. So keep an eye on this space to see those shared soon enough. I advertised my first one yesterday – Group Tapping to help you release emotions, beliefs, behaviours. But there are plenty more to come.
This year I want a range of options for you, which will include some more you Tube videos, a podcast, and also some audios you can purchase and download to help you and your pets. But I am also looking into online courses, resources you can have lifetime access to, that again help you and your pets.
Well, that’s just a little teaser for you all 😉
What have you been up to this week? Have you had to go back to work straight after New Year, or have you been spending time with your loved ones and just chilling? Let us know below and pop a few photos on if you wish to. Always nice to see my clan and what you’re up to 😀

Time to Be

Me, I was able to have a lovely walk with a friend on New Year’s at the sea. I love the sea, born and bred there, so definitely my go to. Lots of shops were open which surprised me, but as it happens the local pet shop (whitstable) was, and that meant that my friend’s doggie had a lovely rabbit ear to bring home with her and enjoy and she chose it herself. It made my day! I was treated to drink and some yummy food from a local eaterie there and we came home both feeling very refreshed and recharged. Just what the doctor ordered!
And I finally finished knitting my scarf. Fluffy, cosy and pink. All ready for winter!
Rosie, a black and white Jack Russell, in the back car seat, picking at her new rabbit ear natural treat from Whitstable pet shop View from on Whitsbale beach, sand at the forefront, and the waves lapping the shore, with a breaker to the left of the photo. Cloudy sky.