M is for magic. The ‘magic of Christmas’ to put smiles on faces, to open hearts, to uplift, to bring tears of laughter, joy and happiness. A remembrance. Bringing communities together. The magic of a Christmas film, that warm fuzzy feeling inside after watching it. The magic of a Christmas story being read to a child, the awe and anticipation on their little face. ‘The night before’ in all its North Pole glory.

N is a quirky one. Nostalgia. Allow yourself to remember what it may have been like as a child, believing in a certain someone, will he come, won’t he. Leaving out the milk and cookies or whatever you would have left. That excitement of waking up mega early and it being Christmas morning. Waking your parents up with no regard for how long they may have slept, the excitement taking over.

O is for Fiiiive Go-old Rings. Tentative, I know 🙂 .The ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song. Click this link if you want to learn more about the origins, as I never knew them and I found it fascinating to read about them.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twelve_Days_of_Christmas_(song) (accessed 22nd Dec. 2016)

P is for personalising. Personalising the words in the cards you send, even making the cards themselves perhaps. The thoughtfulness of any presents you get – not a ‘well I’d like that’, but ‘what is this person like, what might they truly like’ – their hobbies/lifestyle/nature, their love of tradition…or not, what are their passions, etc.

Q is for quality time. With loved ones, friends, family, partners, fur-babies. Playing games, winter walks, festive fun, snuggling in front of an open fire, sitting down to a meal all together, and I’m sure you all have even more examples of quality time too. Feel free to pop them below. What do you consider as quality time for you?

R is for robins.  These can be a sign that your loved ones are around you. What other signs do you notice? Their favourite fragrance, or scent of a flower? A feather or a ‘penny from heaven’. Your loved ones may have departed this plain of existence, but talk to them, they are there, ask for a sign they are around you. Someone around me was given 1p coins in every coat pocket the person owned!

S is for sharing. That could be your time, a compliment, a funny joke/quote, a memory, your abundance – whether that is food, knowledge, wisdom, experience, financial, and so much more. Sharing can mean so much to the person or people you are sharing with and it can increase that feeling of light and love in this world. Sharing a hug can produce oxytocin, nicknamed the ‘cuddle hormone’. Sharing your authenticity might be another example… your opinion (whilst respecting other people as well naturally).

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