Click here if you missed Part 1 of the Christmas Alphabet A-F.

G is for giving. This is a time of year where many people choose to give. I’m not talking about presents, the latest computer console, branded items. I’m talking about time. Love. Attention. Volunteering. Or giving to such worthy causes as helping the homeless.  Children give a part of themselves to all the parents at the school nativity play, expression of the soul. Restaurants giving away free meals to those in the community that need one.

H & I is for the holly and the ivy that is so associated with this time of year. Below are a couple of definitions I found online which cater to some differences in perhaps our religions.  They can be about the coming Spring, new growth and even a male and female interpretation too! (accessed 18th Dec. 2016) (accessed 18th Dec. 2016) (accessed 18th Dec. 2016)

J is for Jingle Bells and all the wonderful Christmas tunes and carols out there that we get to sing. Those of you that know me will know I love to sing. Singing is a form of creativity, of expression and is great for the soul. I feel alive when I sing. Sound has a vibration, an energy. Music can affect you in so many different ways. It can bring back a memory, a smile, uplift, sadden, motivate, bore, relax, release energy, connect people, bring communities together, fill a room, set the scene, open hearts. I love belting out a tune, and even writing song lyrics. What do you do to express your heart and soul?

K is for kindness. Kindness is not a weakness, it is a strength. Kindness can melt hearts, open hearts, allow someone to feel loved and cherished. Kindness can make such a difference to the receiver, as well as the giver. Taking your elderly next door neighbour a Christmas dinner, inviting someone extra who may be on their own and is finding it really hard, stopping to help someone stranded and struggling at the roadside (within one’s own safety of course).

L is…of course…for love. How could it not be? <3 This planet is moving towards a 5th level energy vibration of unconditional love and compassion. Most of all, I would say, learn to love yourself first, and then you will truly know how to love others. Not only that, how can you accept love from others if you don’t love yourself? Nurture and acknowledge every part of you. A tip for today, sometimes when you are irritated or annoyed by some trait in someone else…it is because you have most likely disowned that part of you for the very same reason – it irritated and annoyed you. There is so much more that we could talk about with this letter, but there are only 12 days of Christmas and we have to get to Z before then! :)