I thought today it would be lovely to think about Christmas in a slightly different light to perhaps what is highlighted at this time of year… metaphorically speaking, this article is like hanging an additional ornament on the tree. The tree was complete before, but sometimes that extra sparkle can just give a different dimension or depth.

A is for the angels. This normally gets related to the angel on the tree at this time of year, and indeed there is significance in that with regards to the biblical story and the angels in the sky announcing his birth. Today I talk of our guardian angel and the angels who help and support and guide us through this life. If you want help from the angels, you need to ask them for help, as they won’t intervene without your permission, unless it’s a life-threatening situation. Ask your guardian angel to draw close to you when you need comforting, strength, support, love, healing, etc. They will draw close.

B is for beauty.  Look at what is around you, really look. Your loved ones – their little quirks, mannerisms, expressions, hear the sound of their laughter; the spectacular colours around you inside and outside; the creative displays of light adorning houses and gardens; the beauty within people; Mother Nature… look at what is within you, YOUR beauty from within.

C is for Cliff Richard…only joking. C is for Connection J. Christmas especially is a time to connect – through our hearts, our minds and our voices. Carol singing, church services, gatherings and parties, love and compassion, writing authentic words in Christmas cards, understanding the true meaning of Christmas, quality time with family and friends, and so the list (no, not naughty and nice!) goes on.

D is for decoration. Do you know why we decorate a tree, or our homes? There are various different answers to this, stemming from different cultures, if you look online.  Trees were decorated originally with candles, fruit and have now moved on to tinsel and ornamentals. Have a browse, read all about the different versions.

E is for empathy. Although many of us love Christmas and the joy, cheer and connection this time brings, there are others that don’t for so many reasons. Some may be grieving for their partner, a family member, a beloved pet this Christmas; some may be down on their luck and not even have a roof over their head or food on their table. Some may be in so much pain that they cannot bear this time of year. Some may be living in war-stricken countries where just surviving is their top priority.

F is for friendship. A valuable part of life. Friends there to share highs and lows, the ups and downs of life, the memories, the like-mindedness, the laughter, the tears, the sentiments, the kindred gestures, the hugs, that feeling of connection.

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