Our inner child is within us all our lives, and they are looking for us to love them, care for them, respect them and listen to their needs.

Can you believe by the age of 7yrs, 70% of the beliefs we have are limiting, and we then filter information from our experiences to confirm those beliefs, and push away anything that doesn’t agree with them!

Sometimes, we hide or disown that inner child part of us, due to something(s) that happened in our childhood. Could have been something like we perceived we weren’t good enough, or loveable enough, or wrong, or stupid…..there are many reasons.

Let me ask you, when were you last playful? Or did that long disappear when you became an adult?

Do you remember what it was like to be a child where you run freely, without worrying what people thought?

Do you remember the hobbies you liked? We didn’t have to be perfect at them…. for the painting to look exactly like the image we saw, it was how we perceived it as a child.

Do you still do the hobbies you loved?

Are you listening to your inner child?

Yes there are times when we do need to be an adult, a parent, a grandma/grandad, etc. I appreciate that. But we also need to balance. Even 5minutes a day allows you that opportunity to start.

Some ideas: art or colouring (draw your day/your pain/your window view, etc.) ; online posts – paint the topic, be creative, take photos that relate to your topic, arrange leaves to spell it out, use branches. Join in your kids painting at home; play board games; take your socks and shoes off and paddle in the edges of the seawater; jump in a puddle; draw how your day went; create a vision board with colouring pens and glitter, etc; bake and decorate it, let your imagination run wild; play with your dog or cat; dance freely; so many things…

When you have a moment, just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and just allow yourself to connect with your inner child. Imagine they are in front of you, listening, and ask them ‘What would you like to say to me? What would you like me to do? How can I love you more?’

So what are you going to do in the coming days to reconnect with your inner child?

…I’m off to connect with Nature, play with the cat, and create lace. <3

Inner Child