I went with a friend to the vets yesterday, and one act of client care they had in place was a ‘cat waiting area’ where only cats and their owners sit, in a quiet corner, away from the hubbub. The corner was also divided off with the careful placement of plants to hide what was the other side.

I fully support this aspect of service, as it can make things a little easier at a time that is often stressful for your pet.

Now I get not every vet surgery is able to provide them due to space, but if they have it, I am pleased they are using the space in a way that adds that little cherry on the cake to client care. If your vet surgery doesn’t have it, maybe ask them if they would very kindly implement it (if they clearly have the space)?

It’s The Little Things That Counts

As some of you may know I used to work in veterinary referrals, and on reception we did our utmost as a team to ensure clients and their pets felt well cared for. They got a cup of tea/coffee on arrival and there were some occasions where if they owner had come by public transport and had to stay as their pet was in for an op, the staff would go out of their way to make them comfy, including on the odd occasion a bacon butty, or asking if they wanted anything for lunch from the supermarket as someone was going.

When a pet passed away, all the vet team involved would sign a card and send it to the owner, and clients had the option to have a clay pet pawprint and a swatch (lock) of hair as well as asking of course if they would like personal belongings their pet had come in with, such as their collar or a blanket.

Recieving a card to me says ‘we care’ whereas in my past, when Phoebe was put to sleep, all i received was a payment receipt (as she was put to sleep at home). It felt very uncaring, and not very acknowledging or compassionate that I had lost my beautiful bubba.

Client Care & Reminiscing

All these personal touches and more, can add so much to a client feeling cared about, and a space being held for them at a time when they may be feeling stressed, scared, and/or distraught.

Some of my ex-colleagues work at the surgery I visited yesterday and it was a really lovely feeling to see some of them, hear about their progress and be back in that field. I loved helping, and being back in that environment that felt so familiar.