Puss had her first animal communication session Tuesday night.

Now some people find it weird animal communicators getting animal communication sessions, but sometimes when you are so close to them, it’s good to get someone else to communicate with them, and also they may tell them something different, or the communicator may pick up on something different to yourself. It’s a bit like mediums getting messages, similar idea, sometimes it is needed.

Main photo was whilst she was experiencing the communication (all curled up). My heart swelled!
Bottom photo was when we had just finished the session.

It was so lovely to be on the other side as a client and experience it from that point of view, and also for her to be able to express herself and voice whatever she needed to, to her communicator.

Overeating/Comfort Eating

Since her previous Mum had to be taken into care, and she was alone in the house for several months (with a daily visit for her essentials of course by a family friend), she has had a problem with food intake (too much), mainly brought about due to her being on her own, and it has taken dedication and care to get her to a suitable weight and maintain it, so that she does not worsen her cruciate issue (which she also came with, and was also thought to be due to the weight issue. Their cruciate is the weakest point on their bodies for cats.)

So on Tuesday we asked her about this and got her to understand why the food is limited each day and whether she would be willing to eat it at more of a moderate pace, because we knew and she affirmed if you put it down there, she’ll eat it. (I knew already it was more of a habit).

Part of the communication related to her understanding that she had done nothing wrong at her previous Mum’s 💔. That her Mum had to go away as she was unable to care for herself, so Puss needed to be rehomed too. She found this very healing to hear and I can definitely tell her energy is lighter and calmer since understanding this. She told the communicator she found it very healing.

Since the session, she has actually eaten more slowly and left food in her bowl at various points during the day (unheard of) and not cried for it.

She also said a distraction of her wand toy would help her too and having used this with her when she would normally go for food again as a habit to squash emotions, she worked with that and was fine.


She also overgrooms and that was discussed too and the whys (which we again knew but wanted to see how we can help more), and as part of that she asked for her wand toy to be used then as well, and when i told her today not to overgroom (as she was) she stopped, just like that. She loves having healing too and that was a request as well.

Pets Are Our Mirrors

She also said the reason she climbs over my laptop is to amuse me, and also we know she does it if I am feeling I have been on there too long as well (they pick this up so easily!) and since the session where we asked if she would refrain from that, she hasn’t done it, she sits on her activity centre instead as a hint.

So much of what she shared made absolute sense – she does have ‘looks’ for her basics – food, play, get me off the pc/phone, which made us all giggle.

And yes she is definitely ‘the boss’.

And I sing ‘soft kitty, warm kitty’ and lullabies to her and wanted to know whether she liked it (felt she did, but again nice to get verification) and she did, she loves it. Makes her go all goo-ey. So true – the way she behaves around it.

The Healing

It was a magical session and I am so pleased she was able to have a voice and understand she did nothing wrong, and that she will get food as I am here and she won’t be going anywhere else. It helps them to heal.

Please know: they understand you, and feel you, more than you think. Always be wise with the words you use with them – there is always a good reason for their behaviours. They are not trying to be spiteful, naughty, punish you, or anything else ‘against’ you. Normally, everything they do is to feel safe whether that is physically or emotionally.

Puss's First Animal Communication Session

Just after her communication session.