I got to work with this little black beauty Effie today. I hold a lot of love for her, she has been through so much.

Today was her 2nd session. As usual she was very excited to see me, jumping and going bezerk, her signature, lol.

Part 1: Emotional Release

I was drawn today to start with some AromaFlow, and was intuitively guided to use Vetiver with her as I was walking from the car to her home. Vetiver is a very grounding oil, and she couldn’t get enough of this. We had lots of signs of release and both myself and her owner could see her gradual processing of this release as she was calming before our eyes. It wasn’t long before she was resting comfortably on the settee, calm and pretty sleepy, with that glazed look about her. She had her front paws crossed over each other. A photo opportunity I couldn’t get without disturbing her alas!

I was guided during that process to work with her with Rose, which also helps with past trauma, stuck cellular memories and she has not had an easy past. She was kicked by a gentleman on a walk just because she wanted to say hello, as well as puppyhood trauma, and 3 intense surgeries mainly brought about due to previously stored trauma ref the kick 🙁 Rose was definitely her favourite and again she processed this frequency with grace, letting me know when she had had enough. By this point, one very relaxed doggie.

Nutmeg was her next selection, which helps with scattered energy and during this offering, she had a great big snorty sneeze – RELEASE!! Yawns, licking her paws, signs of relaxation.

Part 2: Deepening the Emotional and Physical Release

Next it was on to Canine Hypnotherapy, more time for her to relax and release from her body even further and we had a lovely big stretch afterwards from her. Shortly after, there was a visitor to the house, and oh my what a difference! She was much calmer, noted both by myself but also her owner, Linda, and her visitor. And just as I said I was going to leave, this beauty gave me the best present ever….she leapt from the place she is in the photo and onto my lap, sitting upright. We all took that as her saying ‘thank you’. A beautiful moment I will cherish and store in my heart. And I thank her too for trusting me to work with her.