Do you ever consider your pet’s breed, traits and what is normal for them?
Do you ever consider giving them natural, not processed, treats?
Rosie, as you can see is a Jack Russell Terrier. her breed are known to hunt and kill rabbits. They have a strong prey drive.
At home, Rosie will grab her fluffy toys and tear them to bits, taking the inside out, bit by bit, like plucking the skin with her teeth, especially when she has a lot of energy to express.
So, when I was out with her Mum a few weeks back, and we came across a pet shop that sold natural pet treats, it was ideal to use this opportunity to help Rosie.
With Mum’s permission, I actually showed Rosie each treat, and we both guaged her response. If she smelt it and turned her head, to me that said, not that interested.
When she smelt it and actually wanted to grab hold of it with her teeth, her behaviour and body language said: “i like this and i want this”.
In fact, the rabbit ear you can see here, she went and stuck her head right in the bucket they were in as soon as we walked in. So Mummy bought her two of those!
She chose other treats and selected them in the same way. Disinterest – turning her body and face away. Interest – wanting to gently grab it with her mouth.
it might seem gross to you, but it is a natural treat, nothing processed about it. If I owned a dog, I’d much rather give them that any day, than some big manufacturer’s processed crap.
Now normally, when she is in the car, and Mum leaves the car, she will bark, and be upright seeing where she is, and when she’s coming back. When this was given to her, she sat in the back and chewed and plucked to her heart’s content. In fact, she worked on it the whole way home!!
It helps her to release energy.
It engages her in a natural behaviour.
It’s enriching.
It warmed my heart to see her so happy and content.
Think how you can enrich your own pet’s life with natural treats. This is a great company for them: but of course there are others.