The simple answer for me is…yes.

I have had past life recollections of being a herbalist and a healer, and also the possibility of being an Aboriginal, with a love of herbs and natural medicine.

Through past life regression training, I can say that it’s quite common that we are able to bring these gifts, talents, and knowledge into the present without knowing their origin.

I will say that this is very me in this life.

I have books on herbs and natural remedies, and when unwell, have in the last few years sought out holistic medicine from nature where possible.

I helped bruising by eating blue and purple foods – another intuitive hit of matching the colour of foods to the colour of the bruise, and doing research confirmed that.

More and more I am turning to nature for answers.

So roll on to this year and the sight of a Facebook post advertising an event.

My spark lit.

Adding to my own tool kit…for me…

That Sunday, I ventured back to Tunbridge Wells on an impromptu visit to The Spa Hotel there.

And treated myself to an Introduction Day to Homeopathy incl. first aid and acute ailments or conditions.

I have been using homepathic remedies on and off for a few years now.

When someone went into the back of my car, I called Helios in TW and got some remedies then, but I have been using Physiocrem which contains at least Hypericum and Calendula for when I had RSI and other sprains and strains, and Arnica of course for bruises.

Even Puss has a Calendula cream in the toolkit (one safe for cats!), and a remedy from Homeopet, courtesy of this day too!

I am very into working with nature, herbs, natural remedies for anything where I can as my body does not respond well to pharma, and I am often sensitive to medication. This year I used nettle tea to stave off bad hayfever days, and it worked wonderfully. Yesterday confirmed why, Nettle is lovely for allergies.

But I will also seek out pharma if I know that is what’s needed. A cat bite from Puss (due to a night terror she had) was an immediate call for antibiotics due to the dangerous bacterias contained in a cat’s teeth.

Building Knowledge

I learnt a lot during the Intro day, things there that I did know already, or confirmed that my hunches were right to use what i have, but also things that i didn’t, like considering whether movement or stillness makes a condition worse, or drinking water, and much more.

I have come away with knowledge and remedies that i can help myself with alongside everything else that i do for myself too. I can also help friends and family too.

The weather was so lovely that we were able to have lunch out in the sunshine. and have a wander of the grounds too, and get some fitness in.

I would recommend this course if you are interested and live this way, or even if you’re not. The more armed we are with more natural solutions to life’s ailments, personally I think the better. The company that ran the day was the Southern College of Homeopathy Ltd (SCH) for anyone that wishes to know.

So, going back to past lives, think about what talents, skills or knowledge you have that you haven’t learnt but seems to come natural to you…maybe just maybe this was from another lifetime.