Isn’t this just delightful?

I had it commissioned to commemorate the beautiful young kitty that passed suddenly in November 23 after being hit by a car.

She was a British Blue, hence the grey colour.

She was also very playful, so naturally, I knew I needed to get the playing cat.

Plus, I wanted the colours to shine joy into the room as the sun travels through the glass flowers and leaves – just like She brought joy to everyone she met.

Vanessa, the owner of Ginger Cat Glass, was so helpful, and superb at communicating each step of the process, checking in with me to see how I felt about it. She took a lot of time getting the grey right, as it had to be black and white mixed, and then when it was glazed, she had to see how it turned out.

So several glazes later, here we are, with both the opaqueness and the grey just right.

By the time you read this, I will have wrapped it carefully in tissue paper and boxed it, to give to her Fur-Dad, along with a little message.

If you wish to have a memorial glass sun catcher, personalised for your cat, then why not contact Vanessa through her Etsy channel.

Contact details for Ginger Cat Glass