What an absolutely smashing day at the Blue Pool Network event on Saturday.

I got to meet lots of lovely pet owners and chat with them about their pets, or even other pets they know, and what might be going on for them. Little ways they could help them.

I got to show people the benefits of tuning forks, helping people to feel more grounded and back in their body (so many of us are not grounded, we don’t spend enoguh time in nature, and we wear shoes that stop our connection to the Earth).

Stemming a Tuning Fork

Not only that, but people were experiencing physical sensations where the frequencies were connecting with them. Using the weighted OM, I stemmed their hand or foot (stemming means placing it on the body before striking the fork to produce sound).

People could feel the imbalance when we had stemmed just one of their hands/feet.

And then the equality once both sides were stemmed.

The feeling of heaviness as they became more present in their body.

They could feel the frequency resonate up/along their body.

They could feel themselves become more present with just a couple of stems.

Rahanni Celestial Healing Tasters

I was able to give a lovely lady a taster treatment of Rahanni Healing (and as I’m writing, if you want to train in it, my next training is 1st October 2023, pm me) which sent her into deep relaxation.

Helping Calm Your Pets with Pet Remedy

I was able to let people know about Pet Remedy products that help their pets, and themselves!, to feel calmer, less stressed, able to cope with changes and challenges better, detailing some of the experiences I have had with it too.

Standing in My Authenticity – New Banner & Title

My new roller banner allowed people to understand much more clearly who I am and what I do – People & Pet Therapist, Medium & Healer!

Educating to Inspire

I also got to give my talk “Pets are Our Mirrors” and feedback I am getting is that people didn’t realise this, and it is helping them see their pets in a whole new light. Amazing news!

I am so blessed to hear that, as our pets need that voice, they need to be heard.

They ARE our messengers. Not only that of course, but that is a part of it.

I got to connect with other like minded souls all day and came away feeling really happy having enjoyed my day thoroughly.

My next fayre will be Harry Edwards healing Sanctuary on 2nd September, so if you are over that way or want to go, I will see you there!

My new roller banner, with purple and orange fonts, detailing my new title people and pet therapist, medium and healer