I went round to my friend’s house the other day, and during my time there, her doggie Rosie (you know her well now!) was barking at her food.
She had food in her dish, food that she has had before and eaten fine. She had some water in her dish. But she just kept barking and wouldn’t eat her dinner.
So, we both went over. I tried to encourage her in the ways I know, Mum had already tried, but in the end I just said:
V: ‘what’s stopping you from eating it?’
R: ‘Water’
I looked at her Mum and she looked at me. She had water, it wasn’t a full dish of water, but there was water. Mum went and filled her water up….she started eating.
As time was pressed, I didn’t have chance to ask why that was the case, but it just goes to show, that something you think may not affect them….does.
Subtle changes can create big shifts.
Her barking was letting us know something wasn’t right for her, and that was her way to tell us. Once us hoomans got it, she stopped.
So,if you want to start learning how to communicate with your pets, my first ‘Intro to Animal Communication will be on 25th February in Maidstone.
All details are on the events page on Facebook. Feel free to have a peek, and let me know if you want to book your space.
Photo Credit: Tracy Nortje