Recently, I was able to have a beautiful pet mediumship session, honouring a pet’s life and bringing comfort, healing, and release to their Mummy. Here’s a photo of just a snippet of what she said to me afterwards.

I also often integrate my other therapies into these sessions – so that can include emotional release through tapping and energy work

It can be coaching in the forms of questions, or home activities, perhaps memorials the pet parent has been thinking of doing but hasn’t got round to, where they can come back to me to let me know they have put them in place, or taken action in whatever form is appropriate, sometimes accountability takes us from not doing to doing.

It can be breathwork, or another therapy.

Releasing Emotion to Really Hear Your Pets

Suffice to say, healing comes in many forms, and it wouldn’t feel right to me if I didn’t use what a client comes to me with to help them heal.

We still did animal communication too, but with their pet parent being more centred, and grounded, it allowed them to enjoy the session more, take more of it in, and really feel the words, images and feelings being communicated by their pet in Spirit.

Addendum: These sessions can bring so much relief to unanswered questions; healing and comfort; reassurance; re-connection in an energetic sense to your pet; a deeper understanding of yourself and them and the world of Spirit; emotional release and healing past wounds; and so much more.

Pets often share so much philosophy or profoundness that I know could not come from my own knowledge, and it can be emotional even for me to relay it, because I feel the depth of love with which it comes <3

At that moment, we create a pause, a silent moment, for their words and wisdom to sink in, for a pet parent to process that share and really embed it if it feels right.

Moments like those are not to be rushed.

A beautiful testimonial from a client who let me commmunicate with their pet dog Dusty in Spirit.

The picture of Dusty, photo credit to his owner.